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Founded in 1985, United States based American Language Services ® (AML-Global) evolved from an intimate language school into the leading interpreting and translating agency it is today. We are one of the largest most successful language providers in the United States and Worldwide. AML-Global provides a full range of international multi-language communication services and offers its unique services worldwide. Our language professionals are available 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

American Language Services ® is a worldwide leader in the translation and interpreting industry. By paying meticulous attention to details, AML-Global has earned an outstanding reputation for providing both written and verbal language services that are timely and cost effective. AML-Global translators, interpreters, media specialists and transcriptionists are fluent in virtually every written and spoken language around the globe. Over many years, AML-Global has accumulated and developed some of the most impressive linguistic talent in the world. Our language experts are located in hundreds of countries across every continent, covering every time zone. These highly skilled professionals are recruited, screened and tested to ensure the quality of our work is at the highest level.

4 Specialized Divisions:

We have understood for a long time that in order to best service our clients we would need to specialize in their specific and unique industries. We have developed the skills, expertise and have the direct experience in these niche markets and have become a key and valuable resource to these industries.

Since our inception, over thirty years ago, we have recognized the tremendous demands for language service needs in these Industries.

Legal Division

The AML-Global Legal Division for over 30 years provides translation, interpreting and transcriptions services to Law Firms and In-House Legal Departments in major corporations. We provide services for a who's who of law firms in the U.S and worldwide. We work in a diverse number of legal areas such as litigation, intellectual property, corporate, contracts, human resources, immigration, and Insurance defense to name a few. We provide credentialed, certified and experienced linguists who specialize in the legal field for a wide variety of legal matters such as trials, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, client meetings and others. We also supply specialized services for document reviews and editing, expert witness testimony and certification of documents.

Our in-house legal services offer the same great services to that of laws firms. We also work closely with the often interrelated areas of compliance, regulatory, human resources, and corporate governance. For both law firms and in-house legal staff, we provide a full scope of our services internationally as well. We have interpreters who are credentialed in the U.S. and are available to travel internationally for various cases. We also have tremendous international resources of interpreters locally in home countries if U.S. based interpreters are not required.

Conference & Meeting Division

We also recognized the growing trends of organizations, associations, businesses and government institutions in utilizing language services around the world. In 1989 we launched our Conference & Meeting Division. This division has grown to the powerhouse it is today.

Meeting, Destination Planners & Direct Venues

Our firm works with meeting planners, destination planners as well as in house coordinators who job is to coordinate events around the world. We also work with major hotels, casinos, convention centers and other large venues directly to service the clients who attend events at their locale.

We provide service these groups who meet regularly for conferences, conventions, trade shows, symposiums, business meetings, tours and other important functions. The functions of these vary greatly and cover elements such as education, sales strategies, recruiting, benefit summaries, best practices, and cultural diversity among many others.

The common element in all of these types of meetings is that there is a diversity of cultures within the scope of the meeting requiring language services. AML-Global provides services in over 200 languages which includes American Sign Language and Cart Services among them. Along with these exceptional services, we provide state-of-the art equipment including booths, headset, receivers, microphones and portable equipment. This equipment is housed in strategic locations all throughout the United States. Along with the equipment, we provide pre-event consulting and full technical support.

Medical Device Division

AML-Global started their medical device division in 1996. We saw the emerging demand in this unique market. As U.S. based companies expanded their global reach to countries in Asia, Europe, and South America, in particular, companies recognized that the materials needed to be translated and localized to reach their target market. Also, world companies recognized this as well to be able to target the U.S. and other English speaking countries.

As a testament to our overall quality and our commitment to the medical device industry, AML-Global is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 13485 is specific to the medical device industry and relatively few language service providers have obtained this prestigious certification.

There is a unique skill set needed to translate the specific documents most prevalent in the medical device Industry. AML-Global has the experience and proven skills to do this effectively. We translate a wide variety of documents, and subjects, in over 150 languages, for many departments within companies. Examples of these are test results, information for use (IFU), standard operating procedures, (SOP).software localization, web sites, regulatory & compliance documentation, labeling & packaging data collection, marketing/sales , instructional and operational manuals and instructional specifications to name some.

Along with the translation of these documents, there are often requirements to provide formatting and desk top publishing services (DTP). AML-Global provides full DTP services in over 200 languages and every major software programs including In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and XML to name only a few. Our company uses the most advanced technology along with our experienced and specialized linguists. We utilize translation memory tools, glossary creation, OCR and other technical resources. These enhancement tools allow us to produce documents more rapidly with more consistency and at a cost competitive rate by taking advantage of repetitions within the document and in comparison with other documents.

Media Services Division

The explosion of the internet, with all of its long range implications and the large increase of stations in the broadcast industry were the main drivers to launching our Media Division in 2002. We have own production studio, specialized sound and editing equipment, creative studio teams as well as the language talent to handle a wide variety of media projects.

We started by working with corporations who mainly wanted to reach their global audience for human resources, legal, marketing and training & development purposes. We worked with companies to provide them with subtitling in over 100 languages. We did this for issues involving compliance, regulatory, employee relations, on-line training and through their internet web sites and web portals.

As a natural offshoot to subtitling, this quickly led to our immersion into narration voiceovers, dubbing services, and studio services. Since that time, we have expanded into more creative elements in the movie, television, broadcast mediums as well as with create corporate and internet work. This has been further expanded to include the huge phenomenon of social media that has changed the landscape.

We have developed a wide array of clients in the corporate and entertainment sectors. Many of our clients are well known and established nationwide and international companies. We have completed projects for a wide diversity of subjects, and in many different media forms such as athletic training videos, religious seminars, sexual discriminating training modules, webinars, documentaries, shorts, full feature productions, movie previews, web site tours to name some.

Quality Propels our Growth

Since 1985, AML-Global has experienced rapid growth by asking the right questions, proactively listening to our clients and ultimately understanding and satisfying their needs. Our corporate philosophy centers on the duel bedrock principles of providing great service, utilizing specialized linguists and advanced technology tools and cost competitive value pricing. Our client retention and referral rates are among the best in the industry. Quality is in the forefront of everything AML-Global does.

AML-Global Quality Statement:

American Language Services ® believes in providing real value to our clients. It is essential that all of our work is performed consistently and with the highest quality. Our expertly trained staff and extensive resources give us the ability to provide our clients with outstanding value through superior quality and service. The fundamental elements of our superior service are: timely responsiveness to client needs, returning communications to you in a rapid and detailed manner, providing quotes for projects that are clear and concise, answering questions in an honest and helpful manner as well as achieving our goal of 100% on-time delivery. Our essential core value is combining ultra-competitive pricing with outstanding quality. We understand that each of our clients is important and our goal is complete satisfaction and long term partnerships.

Our Mission:

The principal mission of American Language Services ® is to provide the highest quality language expertise to our valued clients around the world. We believe that by helping bridge the communication gap between individuals, companies, governments, cultures, races and religions around the globe, we can help make the world a little smaller and enhance the overall quality of life.

Our clients expect and receive a consistently helpful attitude, great service, prompt response, technical efficiency and cost effective pricing. This formula equates to long term value. Our goal is to offer full range language solutions and ensure that our clients maximize the value of their customer relationships and performance.

About the Founder: DINA SPEVACK

Ms. Dina Spevack, an accomplished business leader, language expert and educator founded American Language Services ® (AML-Global) in 1985.

Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dina earned a master’s degree in education from Ohio State University.  An educator by trade, her love of languages and diversity flourished during her days of teaching at both Cleveland Middle School and later at the prestigious Le Lycee Francais in Los Angeles. A world traveler, she has years of experience assisting with communication and understanding among various cultures. Dina spent many years overseas teaching English as Second Language (ESL). This included 5 years in Israel where she became an acclaimed educator and taught the highest levels of the military and political establishment. 

Dina, with her life-long passion of languages and cultures, formed American Language Services® to understand and embrace the changing needs of the global community. Her focus, since the very beginning has been to help bridge the communication gap between people and businesses of all cultures by facilitating effective, accurate and timely communications.

With these straight forward goals in mind, Ms. Spevack developed and brought in a talented team of professionals who shared her goals and visions, high standards, ethics and an unwavering commitment to providing clients with consistently excellent value driven services.

Ms. Spevack is involved actively in the day to day executive management of AML-Global where she keeps abreast of best practices and embraces the most modern and effective technology solutions as well as her old style values of customer service.  She has built AML– Global into one of the most successful and respected language service providers in the US and Worldwide and looks forward to even greater achievements ahead.

A History of Success:

AML-Global started out as a language immersion school, teaching new immigrants English as their second language. Shortly after its inception, AML-Global transitioned from a school to a language agency. The first commercial client was Saint John's Hospital in Santa Monica, California, working with their deaf community providing American Sign Language and other foreign language interpreters. Nearly 30 years later, we still work with them on a regular basis. For the first few years, the primary focus of AML-Global was interpreting for the legal and conference & meetings industries. As demands grew from our client base, AML-Global rapidly began lending its language expertise the translations and localization of documents and transcription services. AML-Global fast became an important resource in providing interpreters for various legal proceedings. AML-Global offered Court Certified and credentialed Interpreters for: trials, depositions, mediations, arbitrations, hearings and other proceedings.

Simultaneously, to the growth of our legal business, we also grew at a rapid rate in handling client's requests for conference, conventions, meetings and other events requiring interpreting. We quickly went from being known primarily as a great local west coast service to a well-respected one throughout United States and internationally.

In 1996, recognizing the need for the emerging language demands of the medical device manufacturing industry, we launched our Medical Device Manufacturing Translation Division. We had spent 2 prior years recruiting specialized linguists, editors, DTP and other professionals to service this key market. As a testament to our commitment to the medical device industry, AML-Global studied the industry best practices and became ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 13485 is specific to the medical device industry and relatively few language service providers have obtained this prestigious certification.

This Manufacturing Translation Division grew steadily at first and later at a much increased rate. Today, we are well known language resource to this growing and important industry. We have built an impressive client list and have earned an excellent reputation as one of the key language industry US based partners in today's market.

Through our outstanding work, AML-Global has evolved into a nationally known language firm and to this day handles a who's who of top national law firms as well as a multitude of fortune 500 and other major firms across the U.S. and internationally. Through the years, our reputation for excellence continues to grow. We continue to grow each year and currently have 14 locations to help service our client base.

In 1998 AML-Global launched its Media Division. With the emergence and prominence of the internet, and much later on, the phenomenon of social media, we recognize the growing needs of organizations to communicate and target much wider markets and constituents worldwide. Of course, with this came the need to communicate with their markets in the language they are comfortable with and with languages that are localized properly to convey a message that compels the audience and elicits a desired response.

Early on AML-Global focused on subtitling for corporate and entertainment clients. To keep pace with the ever changing markets, we began offering a full range of media services including narration voiceovers, dubbing, and many types of studio services such as directing, production, post production, music synchronization and matching among many.

Today, we have built a successful brand by offering two distinct areas, one for the entertainment industry and the second for corporations, organization and businesses. We continue to work with an interesting and diverse mix of projects. We have recently completed a VO project, on the ocean environment, narrated by multi award winning actress Meryl Streep, we recently finished a dubbing project promoting Disney's Lego Movie, we provided services for the Harry Potter museums in Japan and Germany, we have worked with Universal Pictures entertainment department. Every week we have the opportunity to work with great companies on fascinating projects.

On the corporate side of our media business we have dubbed several languages for exercise videos for different companies, we have completed VO narration for Maverick Helicopter tours in Las Vegas, in several languages, we have finished a dubbing project involving on line tours for the Anne Frank Museum in Holland, we have provided on line training for Allergan Corporation, a well know Pharma manufacturing concern. We completed an interesting project for Star Surgical supplies, by providing dubbing service for their corporate marketing videos, this was in 15 languages. We are regularly in touch with our corporate clients and they come up with interesting and challenging projects.

From its inception, American Language Services, led by its founder Dina Spevack, believed in the strength of language, cultural and ethnic diversity. She has been in the forefront in bridging the language communication gap and "making the world smaller". She has been instrumental in building a dynamic organization through vision, integrity, dedication, hard work and unmatched approach to quality. Dina has helped build AML-Global into one of the premier interpreting and translating agencies in the world.

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